Journeys of the Faithful

Journeys of the Faithful

We've all heard the world-famous quote from, Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu, "the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." This saying is over 2500 years old and has always been sufficient in describing the physical initiation of all great endeavors.  However, as a man of faith, I would submit that for those who are faithful, the journey of a thousand miles, every endeavor, every expedition, both big and small shouldn’t begin with a physical action but with a spiritual one: a prayer, before the first step is taken.

This is something that I'm learning to become more mindful of; I'm not, nor do I suspect I will ever be, the perfect practitioner of my walk of faith. But this "walk of faith" is its own "journey of a thousand miles" broken into years, months, days...

As of late, I've committed myself to treating each day as a single step and praying before that step is taken, before the day begins. The intent is to seek forgiveness, give thanks, that His will for my life to take precedence over my own, that I might remain in his grace, and that all stress and anxieties of the day be removed from my spirit and placed in His mighty hands. 

The very fact that you are on this site, shopping for apparel, or simply visiting this blog means that you are a witness to the first step in my latest "journey of a thousand miles" in developing, managing, and growing this business. Thank you for taking the time to be a part of it--God Bless You!

Leave a comment below if you'd like to share any thoughts on how you begin your journey of a thousand miles each day.   


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